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Intellectual Property Law And Trade Dress Protection For Commercial Products

Trade dress is protected under trademark laws and is an often-overlooked niche of intellectual property law. Serving innovators and entrepreneurs throughout the nation, Schneer IP Law PLLC in New York City was founded by patent law attorney and former examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ryan Schneer. With his counsel and guidance, your commercial product’s trade dress will not be overlooked.

What Is Trade Dress?

The trade dress of a commercial product or manufactured good is considered to be the shape and design that packages said consumer product for sale in the marketplace. Broad interpretations have stretched the definition of trade dress to include:

  • All types of packaging including the unique shape of a bottle or box
  • The interior or exterior of a building, including signage and signs
  • Interior floor plans and unique layouts and décor

Restaurants and retail shops can also secure trade dress protection for creative window displays or even creatively plating food for serving as long as it is creative and unique. While not all trade dress qualifies for protection because they must be distinct and nonfunctional, product packaging and trade dress can be protected under federal trademark laws without needing to be specifically registered through the USTPO. However, filing a distinctive and unique trade dress for trademark protection will better protect your intellectual property rights.

Ensuring Trademark Protection For Consumer Goods And Innovative Designs

As a former USTPO examiner, trademark attorney Ryan Schneer has the knowledge and experience to protect your unique product packaging or innovative interior or exterior designs. When you’ve done the work to get your product to market or bring your design to life, Schneer IP Law PLLC can help you protect your creative and intellectual property.

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